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Multi-Slice CT Scan

Machakos Imaging Centre Offers CT SCAN Imaging

CT scan, also known as computed tomography scan, makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-Ray measurements taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images (virtual “slices”) of specific areas of a scanned object, allowing the user to see inside the object without cutting.

It is a diagnostic imaging procedure that combines the use of x-rays with computer technology to produce cross-sectional images (“slices”) of the body.

The images produced are more detailed than those of an ordinary x-ray.


  • You will be lying flat on a table usually on your back, stomach or side.
  • Depending on the study scheduled, you may be given an injection of intravenous contrast during the CT examination.
  • The table will move slowly through the machine as the actual CT scanning is performed. You may be asked to hold your breath at different times during the exam.
  • The actual examination time can vary from a few minutes to about an hour, depending on the procedure. However, the actual x-ray exposure time is minimal.


  • We have friendly, skilled and highly professional radiographers
  • You will receive results the same day
  • State-of-art medical imaging equipment/technology
  • On-site radiologist to interpret the exams
  • Our costs are friendly
  • Our staff are compassionate, listening and caring
  • We have most insurance companies on board


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